SCS Conference Platform Documentation

Use the SCS Conference Platform for all your communication needs, from one to one calls to a full conference setup allowing for seamless conversations with your peers.

Getting started

To get started, make sure you are a registered member of the Society for Caribbean Studies. The email you used for registration will be the one allowing you to access the platform. If you are unsure, or forgot which one you used, contact SCS ahead of your event.



Learn how to set up your computer for a perfect user experience .

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Our secure User Authentication in a nutshell.

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Viewers Guidelines

Tips and best practices to enjoy your time on the platform.

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Speakers Guidelines

Tips and best practices to make your best impression as a speaker.

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Breakout Rooms

Learn about the breakout rooms, their purpose and how to best use them.

Backstage Overview

Learn how and when to use the different communication channels available backstage

Screen Sharing 101

Learn about the screen sharing feature and how to get you presentation online without a sweat.

Moderator Role Overview

Learn about the moderator role that comes with great powers and responsibilities.