You'll need to authenticate in order to access any of the stages or rooms. In this guide, we'll look at how authentication works. It is a two-steps process that allows members to securely join any event on the platform.

SCS authentication

This the first step: through the registration process, you will use an email address that SCS (Society For Caribean Studies) will add to a list of emails used to authenticate your request to join a conference. Therefore, you should keep that email handy, because it will be the only one recognized in the second step.

For everyone's safety, if you suspect your email has been compromised, please provide SCS with a new one that can be added to the list.

Joining the Conference

The second authentication steps is provided by a magic link process.

When you reach the homepage you will see a "Join the Conference button"

Landing Page

Clicking on the button will bring you to a signin page where you will enter your email and submit it. This will send you a link via email.

Sign In Page

Once you click on the link in the mail you received, you will be redirected to the home page. From there you can access any stage or breakout room without any need to re-authenticate.


Some people may experience a "looping" process where the link doesn't resolve and clicking "Join the Conference" will keep on sending the user to the signin page.


  • first of all, make sure your browser accepts cookies
  • second, always use the newly opened tab to proceed
  • third, if that doesn't work, or you are using a diffrent browser than the computer's default, right-click the link in the email , copy it, then past it in a new tab.
Magic Link Email Magic Link URL Right click to copy Cookie Settings