Moderators Guidelines

In this guide, we will provide you with tips and best practices for the moderators.

If you experience any problem entering a stage or interacting on the platform, please take the time to read thouroughly the documentation(before contacting support). Most of the ge

The concept of moderator

The moderator is the stage or room manager. One can operate as an active speaker or behind the curtain. We recommend for bigger venues, to always have someone working "backstage", and another moderator that will interact directly with the speakers or the audience. The moderator has super powers:

  • It can bring people on stage to become "guest speakers" then send them or any speaker back to the audience when they are done.
  • It can remove people from the room
  • It can play a video or audio from a pre-established playlist
  • It can start/stop the recording of a session

On top of that, the moderator is usually the master of time, and a relay to the audience.

Backstage communication

The platform offers three chat channels:

  • The General chat for the audience and everybody in the room. All roles canview that chat.
  • The Speakers chat: which is commonly used between panel members to exchange when they do not speak, or for the moderator to warn a speaker of an issue. Only speakers and moderators can access that channel.
  • The Backstage chat: this is where moderators communicate

Recording a session

Here is how to record a session:

  • To start a recording
    • Click on the Streaming Button: this will open a pop-up with meeting url (prefilled)- and RTMP Out inputs
    • Paste the url you received from the [re]draft tech team. Do not share it with anyone outside the moderators.
    • Click on Start it should show “currently recording” or something of the same order
  • To stop the recording
    • Click on the Streaming Button
    • Click on Stop I recommend to start the recording a few minutes before the session starts, just to make sure it has picked up. There shouldn’t be more than a few seconds latency
Record a session

Leaving the Stage closing a session

When leaving the stage you have several options:

  • You want to leave the stage but stay in the room to listen to the next talk. Using the Speaker chat tab at the bottom of the chat, ask the moderator to remove you from the stage.
  • You want to leave the stage to visit another stage or page, attend another errand, but being able to come back where you left it. In this case,
    • mute your microphone and camera before leaving, and right-click to open any other browser page in a new tab.
Leave button Speaker exiting the stage